Proactiv is a brand of acne treatment and skin-care products distributed by direct marketing company Guthy-Renker. Developed by Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields in 1995, Proactiv is a three-part acne treatment kit that is sold on a subscription basis. It includes a cleanser, toner and treatment that contain benzoyl peroxide and glycolic acid as their active ingredients. It's also sold in other varieties such as a Gentle Formula, Extra Strength and Proactiv+. Face masks, body washes and other skin-care products are also sold under the Proactiv name. Although a clinical study has found that Proactiv reduces comedones, inflamed lesions, and facial oiliness, an 80-person Consumer Reports study concluded that Proactiv was as effective as cheaper drugstore products.

Celebrity endorsements play a significant role in Proactiv's marketing strategy. Many music artists, actors and other celebrities became paid spokesmodels for Proactiv, which spends $200 million a year on commercial air-time. In 2012, some of its commercials were banned in the UK after a consumer filed a complaint that the celebrity endorsers were not likely using the product's UK formulation.
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