Scalp Itch Treatment

2 Ways to Relieve Scalp Itch
Maximum Strength Scalpicin® and Scalpicin® 2-in-1 provide quick relief from aggravating scalp itch. Not shampoos, they are medicated treatments that need no rinsing and are safe and convenient to apply anywhere, anytime scalp itch becomes bothersome.

Maximum Strength Scalpicin®
Clear liquid relief, Maximum Strength Scalpicin® stops itching fast with a 1% hydrocortisone formula. The topical hydrocortisone not only stops itching fast, it also works to reduce inflammation and redness.

Scalpicin® 2-in-1 Anti-Itch Liquid Hypollergenic Formula
For everyday scalp itch associated with seborrheic dermatitis, Scalpicin® 2-in-1 relieves the itch and the embarrassment. The clear, salicylic acid formula effectively stops the flaking that causes itching. It's the ideal solution when the weather, hairstyling or medications dry out your skin and exacerbate scalp itch.

Use the Scalpicin® liquid that's appropriate for you at the first sign of itching. If using after shampooing, towel dry hair, apply and massage in. Do not squeeze bottle hard, just a few drops are all that's needed. Use until flaking or redness disappears for up to seven consecutive days.

If you suffer from chronic scalp itch, see a physician for a proper diagnosis of the cause of your problem.
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