SHANY Cosmetics is all about being bold. We love all things glamorous, unique and daring and our products reflect that. We want all of our customers to feel beautiful, so we are committed to bringing our customers the best products at an affordable price. At SHANY Cosmetics, we pride ourselves on offering value, variety and quality.

In 2006, SHANY Cosmetics launched its introductory makeup palette line on in response to the gap in the beauty market by making high-quality products available at affordable prices. Our products are designed in the U.S. and manufactured in the U.S., Germany, Luxembourg, Korea and China. Our initial product line launch was limited to only a few products we found to be special and unique. These palettes were designed and produced by a team of top makeup artists and factories in the world. As demand grew, so did the product assortment. In addition to our now famous makeup palettes, SHANY Cosmetics currently offers professional makeup artist essentials including makeup brushes, travel cases and much more.


SHANY Cosmetics started as a single idea, to provide quality beauty products at affordable prices. SHANY'S first product line included the 13 PC Professional Brush Set, the Professional Makeup Palette and Boutique Eyeshadow Palette. The SHANY team hand selected these products and knew they would be the key pieces for the brand and they continue to be top sellers today. SHANY Cosmetics has added to its merchandise mix through the years, from makeup cases and nail accessories to nail polish and gift sets.

In 2005, SHANY reached its first milestone with the first sale of the Boutique Eyeshadow Palette on Amazon. Since then, Amazon has become a great partner in connecting customers across the globe with SHANY and our signature products. We still celebrate the milestone each year!

In 2008, SHANY Cosmetics established its corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas. By then, our merchandise mix had grown for our original palette to include large makeup cases and makeup kits. With the extra space, the SHANY team was set to grow and build onto the product assortment.

In 2011, SHANY introduced The Masterpiece Seven Layer Makeup Palette to our Amazon customers. The Masterpiece includes four layers of eye shadow, one layer of lip color, one layer of foundation, primer and concealer, and one layer of highly concentrated blush. The SHANY research team reached out to our fans, customers and designers to find out the must have colors. The Masterpiece is the result of the collective feedback and it has proved to be signature item for SHANY Cosmetics.

In 2012, SHANY Cosmetics launched is a destination for style inspiration, product information and great prices. We encourage all of our customer to review their purchases, so we can continue to find products that fit your lifestyle.
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