Skinny Cream

How Skinny Cream Helps the Skin:

Skinny Cream works by attacking the fat deposits and retained water in the skin using its "proprietary blend of active ingredients". The ingredients work together to rid the appearance of cottage cheese looking skin, allowing for tightening and toning the skin surface. The company claims that the cream helps to firm and tone the skin, increasing elasticity. The company also speaks about how their product causes "reverse differentiation", or the fact that the solution allows for the regeneration of the fibrous tissues and depletion of fat tissue, thus creating the appearance of tightly toned skin.

They do not explicitly tell you all of the ingredients, but they do make it known that two active ingredients are raspberry ketones, and green coffee bean extract.

Similar to most other cellulite treatment creams, the caffeine allows for ridding the water and the extra fat deposits just underneath the surface of the skin.

Skinny Cream in Clinical Tests:

- Using the special blend of ingredients in the cream allows for decreased cellulite appearance of up to 90% in 8 wks in some users
- 100% of users reported some improvement in the appearance of cellulite
- Users of the cellulite cream reported a reduced skin surface roughness
- Reports show that the cellulite appearance decreased averaged upwards of 50% in 8 wks
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