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Chopped Ham Water Added 2 Pack (326g per Can)

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Chopped Ham Bristol chopped meat is very popular in the United States. Produced by top technology meat can be used hot or cold depending on each person's taste. Meat is best selected by US standards and produced according to consumer demand should chopped meat products of Bristol is a trusted choice for everyone, not just women. The product is served with other foods and is considered handy.

More Details:

Main ingredient is made from selected pork, carefully scrutinized with modern production process to make the Chopped Ham taste delicious, bold taste keep the meat characteristic. Pork and canned in good quality. Make the product always in the best condition to ensure nutrition and meet


• Stir-Fried Chopped Ham Ham flavored pork taste
• Convenient, fast, easy to use when traveling, picnic or prepare meals in a short time can be used immediately or warm up.
• Manufactured in modern factories, meeting international standards for food safety
• The product is packed easily to carry anywhere

Product of USA
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