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Day Use Unisex Adult Diaper Medium 2 Pack (10's per Pack)

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Caress Unisex Adult Diapers M Size ensure your loved one comfortable and happy all-day long. It uses refastenable adhesive tapes to ensure that the pad is easily adjustable, better fit, comfortable and secured. The super absorbent pad let the diaper clean and always dry.

More Details:

Caress's Unique Circular Deisgn is leaps and bounds ahead of traditional diamond or grid patterned adult diapers in terms of comfort and the level of absorption. As the average amount of urine is set between 100 - 300mls, standard adult diapers are not able to retain that much and even if they do, they normally cause rashees and discomfort, which is what Caress aims to fix.

Averagely 15 - 20% cheaper than our competitors, Caress aims at providing consumers with a reliable and affordable series of adult diapers. Not only that, Caress assures all products sold are quality controlled at the highest of standards.


• Super Absorbent Pad
• Liquid Distribution Layer (LDL)
• Antibiosis and Deodorization
• Functional Leak Guard
• Medium (32 to 44 inches)

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