Miracle Scrub Surface Cleanser 3 Pack (473ml per pack)

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Volume: 473 ml
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Miracle Scrub is a heavy-duty, mildy abrasive cream cleanser that safely and effectively removes stains from surfaces that other products can't. It removes the buildup of dirt, grime, hard water spots, mineral deposits, rust, soap scum, grease, oils and other stains without scratching or dulling the surface. Use it on windows, doors, showers, baths, sinks, tubs, tile, counters and more for stain free surfaces.

Miracle Scrub deep cleans and renews all glass, porcelain, ceramic and metal surfaces without strong acids, phosphates, and solvents. Each bottle contains 16 fluid ounces DEEP CLEANS sinks, tubs, showers and counters to a sparkling shine without scratching or dulling the surface.

REMOVES tough stains, soap scum, rust and hard water mineral deposits in kitchens, baths and on wind. Perfect for glass, porcelain, ceramic and other hard surfaces like granite and tile.

The Original Miracle Scrub by Clean-X with Deep Cleaning Action. Works on all hard surfaces, including shower doors, glass doors, windows, showers, tubs, and more.

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