Colgate Toothpaste Maximum Sugar Acid Neutralizer 3 Pack (190g per pack)

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Volume: 190 grams
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Colgate's best cavity protection for your family Contains patented Sugar Acid Neutralizer Give your family the chance to be cavity free with Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Toothpaste. It's the first and only family toothpaste with unique Sugar Acid Neutralizer, which directly fights sugar acids in plaque - the number-one cause of cavities. Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Toothpaste is clinically proven to fight tooth decay in two ways. First, its patented Sugar Acid Neutralizer helps to deactivate sugar acids before they can harm teeth.


• Help fight cavities before they can form
• Provide superior cavity protection than fluoride alone
• Stop, or even reverse, early caries lesions

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