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Craftpoint Summer Sessions Blonde Ale 2 Pack (330ml per Bottle)

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Light and Laidback

Bright, right and ever so light, this gorgeous blonde creation sports a sublime balance of light maltiness and soft floral notes with just a subtle touch of fruitiness. Flavorful yet easy on the palate, Summer Sessions Blonde Ale is the perfect session beer to start and end just about anything. So go ahead, pick her up and take her on a ride; we're pretty sure she won't disappoint!

Summer Sessions is the lightest offering in our beer lineup. A golden hued brew, it sports a crisp, refreshing body with subtle hints of floral, fruit and honey. A perfect beer to be enjoyed in quantity, or for those who want an intro to the wonderful world of craft beer

Tasting notes
light biscuit, subtle hint of honey, notes of floral, peach/apricot, subdued fruitiness, light and crisp on the palate.

goes well with lighter fare, such as chicken and fish dishes, salads of a light sandwich; Monterey Jack cheese, Italian cuisine.

Product of Philippines
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