Creamsilk Damage Control Conditioner 3 Pack (350ml per pack)

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Your hair can become damaged from constant sun exposure, chemical treatments, and thermal styling by stripping off the moisture and breaking of the protective layers off your hair strands. Without the protective layer of your hair, the inner fibers in the strands will be exposed, causing it to be more fragile and prone to breakage and split ends. Cream Silk Damage Control is the Customized Solution for damaged hair. Intensely repair the damage caused to your hair with the Cream Silk Damage Controls Fiber Repair Complex. Get healthier-looking hair with up to 97% damage protection against breakage vs non-conditioning shampoo only.

More Details:

Because it promises to bring out hairs full beauty potential, Cream Silk delivers what they believe shampoos alone could not: smooth, tangle-free, expertly-conditioned hair. Their wide array of products that now include leave-on conditioners and treatments has consistently addressed womens unique hair needs since 1984. And they still do, 30 years later. This is clearly why Unilever has named Cream Silk as the conditioner brand trusted most by Filipinos. See the difference for yourself.


Reinforces strands and boosts hair health with customized nutrients.
Provides deep conditioning with advanced technology.
Lengthens and smoothens tresses for long-lasting results.

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