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Ionized Alkaline Water 3 pack (1.5L per Bottle)

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When youre properly hydrated, you move, think and do things better, faster and smarter. Essentias proprietary ionization process creates a clean and smooth tasting 9.5 pH or higher alkaline water thats better at rehydrating. Get ionized. Drink Essentia. Learn more at


• Purification: We use micro-filters, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet exposure to take our water to 99.9% purity.
• Electrolytes: We infuse the perfect blend of pure alkaline electrolytes for a clean and smooth taste.
• Ionization: We supercharge the water, removing bitter-tasting ions, producing an ionized 9.5pH or higher alkaline water.
• Essentia is BPA free, fluoride free, chromium free and chlorine free

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