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Fitella Tropical Musli 2 Pack (300g per Pack)

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Tropical mousse is a unique, crunchy and nutritious snack. It is an excellent proposition for a tasty breakfast that can be prepared very easily - adding milk, kefir or yogurt. Tropical Muesli combines whole grain cereals and fruits - papaya, pineapple and banana. Crunchy crunchy, banana crisps, coke chips and sweet pieces of pineapple and papaya fantastically replace traditional breakfasts. In addition, muesli is a source of fiber.

More Details:

A star among dietetic ingredients that gives a feeling of fullness, lowers cholesterol and removes harmful substances from the body. The respondents also prove that it positively affects the quality of sleep. Eat and sleep well!

Full Grain
The Fitella product has kept everything that is the best from nature. It is in the husk of grain that there are the most vitamins and minerals - a natural good for you. The special grain milling process keeps all of its nutritional values so that products containing whole grains are so valued by consumers.

Many countries are called "the fruit of good health" because it contains huge amounts of vitamins and bioactive substances. It detoxifies the body, improves digestion and strengthens the heart muscle. Let your heart beats!

He landed on our tables thanks to Krzysztof Columbus. It improves immunity, slimming and accelerated wound healing, which is why it enjoys special recognition among physically active people. Nice pineapple, right ?!

One of the oldest and most popular fruits, especially in the athletes' environment. One banana will provide you with energy for an intense 45-minute workout and thanks to organic chemicals will improve your mood! Banana on the face guaranteed!

The original name of the coke spot is translated as "a tree that caters for all the necessities of life." The fruit enclosed under the hard shell hides a lot of valuable ingredients that add energy, speed up metabolism and eliminate the negative effects of eating unhealthy animal fats.

Product of Poland
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