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Ginbery's Rose Distilled Gin 2 Pack (700ml per Bottle)

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Tradition meets modernity - that's the best way to describe the Ginbery's Rose Gin. Because this noble spirit is absolutely in the long tradition of the classic gin, as it has been made and loved in England for centuries.

Ginbery's Rose Gin uses the traditional London Dry method of preparation. The Botanicals used are first macerated, which means loaded in alcohol. The alcohol dissolves the fine aromas from the vegetable raw materials, creating a highly aromatic solution. This is then distilled and reduced to drinking strength at the very end. The alcohol content of Ginbery's Rose Gin is 37.5 percent.

To consolidate after distillation and to develop a very special taste, The Ginbery's Rose Gin is allowed to rest for at least 15 days after the distillation. The special feature of the Rose Gin is the selection of botanicals, which are used as aromatics.

As a result, the gin does not have the pungent juniper note that one would expect from a London Dry Gin, but tastes of ripe strawberries in wonderful combination with floral aspects like roses and violets. The Ginbery's Rose Gin is the right choice for those who want to experience a traditional spirit once in an exciting new and very soft way.

More Details:

The base of Ginberry's Rose Gin may be a classic London Dry Gin, but that's all this Spaniard has in common with a traditional gin . Of course, that makes itself visually noticeable, because its deep rose tone is a clear difference to the otherwise clear juniper distillates and of course makes it fun in creative cocktail recipes and colorful gin and tonics.

The same is true of Distilled Gin Juniper Berries, but these are accompanied by rose petals and delicate violets, as well as fruity-sweet strawberries, which take a completely different flavor in taste, which is sweeter and more tender than most other gins. Also its comparatively lower alcohol content of 37.5% Vol. Alc. Makes him a more compliant gin who could also taste those who are more skeptical of gin and its bitter notes.

Product of Spain
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