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Natural Magic Brushed Cotton Odor Gel 2 Pack (397g per pack)

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Designed to work up to 90 days in absorbing and eliminating all types of odors including smoke, cooking odors, pet odors, garbage odors, paint odors any musty odors or anywhere odor is a problem. The gel not only absorbs odors but leaves a fresh cotton smell in the air.


ELIMINATE - Destroy odors while leaving a clean fresh scent in your home
LONG-LASTING - Freshens your home for up to 90 days while using no electric plugs or flames
DECORATIVE - Colorful and creative designs freshen up your home in more ways than one
WORKS ON - A variety of odors including garbage, pets, smoke, fish and other cooked food, bathrooms, shoes, sports gear, musty air, vomit, paint
USE IN - Kitchen, basement, bathroom, bedroom, car, office, garage, locker room, laundry room, attic, crawlspace and more
Solid gel traps and eliminates unwanted odors
Safe for use anywhere at home or office
Place in rooms up to 300 square feet and will work continuously for up to 60 days

Product of USA
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