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Hanamaruki White Type Soybean Paste 500g

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Volume: 500 grams
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A plastic tub of white miso paste made with GMO free soybeans. Also known as Shiro Miso. Use in soups, stews, marinades etc, always add miso to soups and stews at the end, since boiling it destroys beneficial bacteria and causes it to curdle.

More Details:

NON MSG, GMO free products, you can eat safe without worrying about chemical seasoning and genetically modified agricultural products.


Japanese authentic miso, you can feel unique softness, soft and light taste.
It is miso miso mixed with bean and rice properly, and it is smile miso which taste is more soft and rich in taste and fragrance product.
It is miso miso with good quality for low price and good use of miso soup, miso soup,

Product of Japan
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