Oven Roasted Turkey 6 Pack (340g per pack)

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Volume: 340 grams
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This SPAM variety is made from 100% white lean turkey. Some folks wonder why we didnt call it SPURKEY. But if we had, it wouldnt be a proper member of the SPAM family of products. And like all SPAM varieties, this ones full of yumminess. Swap it into your same old sandwich. Break The Monotony


• Made with 100-percent white, lean turkey
• Spam luncheon meat is fully cooked and ready to eat
• Ideal to eat plain or on bread for a delicious sandwich
• Conveniently sized 12-oz container with an easy-to-open lid
• A suitable addition to seasonal recipes
• Eat it cold, warm it in the microwave or fry it on the stove

Product of USA
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