iBeauty Nano Handy Mist iBeauty Nano Handy Mist

iBeauty Nano Handy Mist

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Want a refreshed and moisturized skin in just 30 seconds? If yes, look no further than this iBeauty Nano Handy Mist! It's light, handy and you can use it anywhere, be it at home, office, travelling or even if you are stuck in a traffic jam!

iBeauty Nano Handy Mist uses Nanometer permeating skin care technology to make your skin moist and smooth anytime and anywhere. Transforms skin care lotion into nano-scale spray so as to enhance penetration to the skin for better absorption. Cleans and tightens the skin and keeps your face hydrated. Cleans and tightens the skin and keeps your face hydrated

More Details:

Battery: 4 x AAA
Package includes:
-1 iBeauty Nano Handy Mist Equipment
-1 Empty Container (to put essence/water/toner)
-1 Pouch (for protection of item)
-1 User Manual


• Nanometer atomization facial beautification instrument is the portable instrument for deep skin care by adapting   nanometer ion technology-a kind of adavanced high technology
• It can atomize the water skin care product on a tiny and quick basis, and form the soft essence skin care spray of the   nanometer anion to spary face
• It can also penetrate into the basal cell layer of the skin with high efficiency to bring the skin perfect deep care
• It is adopted with the high-tech chip technology and special concussion and vibration technology, so as to make the   water skin care product be nanometer, decompose to the ion in 0.25-0.5 micrometer and fast penetrate into the basal cell   layer of the skin
• It can be effectively and deeply absorbed and produce the most excellent effect of skin care and beautification

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