Lavender Scented Body Wash 3 Pack (621ml per pack)

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Volume: 621 ml
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Ivory Lavender Scented Body Wash features a fresh and relaxing aroma. The soft, soothing fragrance and rich, moisturizing formula leave your skin feeling calm and clean. This Ivory body wash is available in bottles of 21 fl oz. The luxurious lather rinses easily, and is safe for those with topical gluten allergies. It is also free of dyes, paraben and phthalate making it ideal for sensitive skin.


Leaves skin clean and hydrated (vs. regular soap)
Free of dyes and heavy perfumes
Rich, refreshing lather that rinses clean
100% gluten, paraben, and phthalate free
Ivory lavender body wash is proudly made in the USA

Product of USA
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