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Baby Liquid Powder 120ml

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Lactacyd Liquid Powder is a 100% talc-free lotion that dries into powder no need to worry about your baby inhaling harmful irritants. It has zinc oxide that protects baby skin and promotes healing. Lactacyd Liquid Powder is an effective way to prevent skin irritation.

More Details:

To prevent all those irritations, try this Lactacyd Baby Liquid Powder Moisturizing and be protected from the heat of the sun this summer. It is smooth on skin and moisturizes your skin perfectly. Plus it has Zinc Oxide keeps you protected from rash and sweat. It is hypoallergenic and has a very fragrant smell which you will surely love. Lactacyd Baby Liquid Powder Moisturizing isn’t for babies alone but for adults as well for baby skin softness. Try it now and be protected from the heat. Stay beautiful this summer away from all the skin problems.

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