Citrus Verbena Summer Fragrance

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Citrus Verbena Summer Fragrance (Eau Fraiche Verveine Agrumes) is composed of fruit zests of luminous citruses and verbena leaves warmed by the sun of Corsica. The assortment of Mediterranean freshness includes fragrant accompanying products.

More Details:

Enriched with organic verbena from Corsica, lemon oil from Sicily and grapefruit extract from Italy, this new summer fragrance tones and leaves the skin scented with an invigorating and fruity fragrance.

Lighter in intensity than an eau de toilette, Citrus Verbena Summer fragrance is subtle, delicate, and easy to use. In one generous gesture, this fast and easy spray stimulates the body, refreshes the mind and leaves a sparkling scent on the skin. Spray all over from head to toe. Keep it handy in gym bag, glove compartment, desk drawer, or vanity. Use without moderation!

Made in France
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