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Moonshine Sweet Tea

MoonShine Sweet Tea The Original 2 Pack (473ml per pack)

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Moonshine's style of bold, slow-brewed sweet tea uses the same secret family recipe that Leo Cobb Porter perfected in his own home, more than 70 years ago. Moonshine Sweet Tea is Real Texas Tea, Pure and Simple: crafted with hand-picked black tea leaves, clean filtered water and 100% pure cane sugar. Each bottle of Moonshine Sweet Tea contains naturally occurring antioxidants that promote cardiovascular health with almost Half the sugar than your average a carbonated soda.

More Details:

Moonshine Sweet Tea has a deep-rooted commitment to community service, volunteering and donating a portion of our sweet tea sales to children's charities and beyond. We are proud to say that drinking Moonshine Sweet Tea can help a child or a family in need, and our goal is to bring that hope to children everywhere, one bottle at a time. For all of us here at Moonshine, "Helping Children's Charities" is much more than just a saying that tops our bottles. It is a promise that a portion of the proceeds from every bottle of Moonshine Sweet Tea will go toward continuing our efforts to help children live healthier, reach their potential and lead more fulfilling lives. Join us! And be part of something that will bring about the kind of change that allows more kids to shine and enjoy the finer things in life one sweet sip at a time.


Giving back to our local communities and families in need is a priority for the Moonshine Sweet Tea team.
Moonshine is pure and simple
Crafted with hand-picked black tea leaves
Clean filtered water and 100% pure cane sugar
One glass of Moonshine Sweet Tea contains almost half the sugar than your average carbonated soda.
One kettle at a time giving it the highest quality and best taste.

Product of USA
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