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Murad Redness Therapy offers a full regimen for the daily maintenance of skin that suffers from redness. Because proper care involves products that do not aggravate the problem, Murad Redness Therapy is formulated with extra gentle ingredients that balance reactive skin to help it look its best.

Murad Redness Therapy was developed to help those who experience redness and flushing due to sensitivity and rosacea. Redness can occur briefly as a result to certain foods or activities as well as irritating skin care products. Redness can also be persistent due to conditions like rosacea. Murad Redness Therapy was designed as a maintenance program for skin that either experiences short periods of redness or constant persistent flushing.

More Details:

Gently cleanses to remove dirt, oil and impurities without stripping the natural oils in the skin or causing tightness. The gentle formula moisturizes and calms inflamed skin, reducing redness and the stinging that is often associated with sensitivities.

Is a treatment gel that calms and balances red, irritated skin. The patented gel is lightweight and fast absorbing to go deep into the layers of the skin, hydrating and nourishing reactive complexions. Murad Recovery Treatment Gel provides hours of relief and comfort.

Is a light but highly hydrating moisturizer that cools and calms hot, red and irritated skin while also providing a broad spectrum sun protection of 15. Sun exposure can aggravate already irritated skin, make the skin even more red and damage fragile capillaries. Daily use of a moisturizer with sunscreen can help prevent problems. Murad Correcting Moisturizer SPF 15 has a light green tint to help neutralize the redness in skin. Soothing vitamins and botanical extracts help to calm inflammation and protect the skin against the elements.


• Calm, soothe and strengthen sensitive skin
• Designed to reduce redness and strengthen sensitive, irritated skin

Safety Warning:

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

Made in USA
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