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Pampers Baby-Dry Pants Medium 40's

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Keep your baby's skin delicate with 5 star skin protection. Pampers Active Baby comes with 5 features in just one diaper. 12 hours dryness, baby lotion, cottony softness, breathable cover and comfortable fit.

It has an extra dry layer and a cottony soft cover for easy absorption. Also, it has a soft stretch waist and sides. This product is enriched with baby lotion to help keep the skin soft and smooth.

More Details:

Procter and Gamble is an American multinational company with millions of subsidiaries worldwide. Pampers is a baby care brand owned by Procter and Gamble. Pampers Baby Diapers come in four different variants which are Pampers Active Baby, Pampers New Baby, Pampers and Pampers pants. Pampers Active Baby diapers come in different shapes and sizes. Pampers Baby Diapers are different from other diapers as they provide all-night absorbency. Once you use this product for your child, you will know there is nothing better in the world for your beloved baby. These diapers make the process of parenting your child easier than before.


• Our driest diaper keeps baby's skin touchably dry for up to 12 hours
• This unique diaper is infused with baby lotion to help prevent diaper rash
• Keep baby's skin free from irritation with cotton-like softness
• Air circulates so baby's skin can breathe easily and stay wonderfully fresh
• A flexible, side stretch design keeps it snug and comfy whether baby is at rest or play

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