Classic Fullness of Life Shampoo 1.18L

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Its not just your skin that loses life and health. Over time, even your hair, That is subject to numerous styling, Treatments and exposed to the elements for far too long can lose its lustre and shine and become dull and lifeless. Rescue your locks from the clutches of lifelessness and inject a healthy dose of vibrancy and life with the Pantene Fullness and Life Shampoo. The Pantene Nature Fusion Shampoo restores shine and fullness to hair that has been, Over time, Weighed down by the external environmental conditions and excessive styling. With this Fullness and Life Shampoo all those men and women with dull, Lifeless hair can heave a sigh of relief. Nourished with plant-derived cassia flower complex, Avocado and grape seed oil, This Nature Fusion Shampoo injects a dose of fresh moisture and hydration and restores hair that looks weak and tired to its full strength and vitality. The Pro-V formula combined with the nutritive benefits of natural ingredients ensures you get the nourishing properties of plant extracts and the accurate precision of science. The paraben-free clear shampoo gently cleanses your hair by removing build-up. The luxurious lather envelopes your tresses and ensures that there is minimal tangling. After continuous use, Your hair looks glossy and is full of bounce and vitality. Take your locks from limp and lifeless to shiny and bouncy with the Pantene Nature Fusion Fullness and Life Shampoo and let your hair steal all the attention.

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Since its inception in 1945, Pantenes haircare products have been devoted to magnifying beauty with scientifically developed formulas. Even Pantenes name is derived from a word tossed around the lab panthenol, an ingredient that helps hydrate hair. After decades of product development and endorsements from the likes of Milan Fashion Week and magazines such as Vogue and Allure, Pantene offers more than 100 products in the US alone to help women care for and style their tresses. With help from the Pantene Hair Research Institute, its shampoos and conditioners do everything from sculpt curls to block damage with the first clinically tested antioxidant defense formula.


Gently cleanses and conditions hair
Rejuvenates damaged hair
Restores natural shine and fullness to hair

Product of USA
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