Pasta ZARA

204 Tagliatelle 2 Pack (500g Per Pack)

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Volume: 1000 grams
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Made in-house, ZARA'S long cuts of pasta come in many widths, from delicate Angel Hair to wide Fettuccine. When cooked and tossed in sauce, these long cuts of pasta capture sauces in beautifully tangled nests.

More Details:

These pastas have the same quality as the traditional range, but unusual shapes and ... surprising colors . We go from long spaghetti to bucatini, from fusilli bucati to ziti (did you know that in Puglia, where the name was invented, is ziti referring to the word "spouses" because they were only eaten during wedding parties?) From the unique farewell to mafaldine (it's called this to honor queen Mafalda of Savoia), from fidellini to tagliolini (in the soup; amazing!), to tricolor pasta, dedicated to our beautiful country: farfalle, penne, spirali and conchiglie in wood different colors, the colors of the Italian flag .

Product of Italy
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