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Paul Ricard Pastis de Marseille 2 Pack (750ml per Bottle)

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Ricard pastis is still made using Paul Ricard's original recipe, which has remained a secret since 1932.Ricard is the world's bestselling anise-based spirit. What makes it one of a kind is its inimitable taste and unique production method that guarantees quality.

Tasting & Serving in accordance with Paul Ricard's original recipe, Ricard pastis should be served cold. It should be prepared by adding 10cl of chilled water to 2cl of Ricard and then adding the ice cubes last. This ritual will release the full aroma of the anise.Ricard can be more or less diluted according to taste.The unique recipe makes for an ideal combination with cordials (like pomegranate, mint, orgeat or grapefruit) or fruit juices (mango, strawberry, cranberry). These different combinations produce a variety of colours and flavours for a new way to discover (or rediscover) the full flavour of anise.


• A delicious aniseed flavour spirit
• Refreshing aroma of star anise and liquorice
• A medium-bodied palate filled with flavours of fresh fruits, wood and eastern spices
• The finish is long, light and pleasant

Product of France
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