The Common Man Extra-Comfort Shaving Cream

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Including nourishing shaving creams and gels in a daily personal hygiene routine is an excellent idea if you want to take advantage of their skin-softening capabilities and refreshing, hydrating formulas.

More Details:

Designed to produce excellent shaving results without added irritation, the formulas of Philosophy Men Shaves are blended using quality ingredients to create a close shave without the irritation that can sometimes occur. While electric shavers do a good job removing unwanted whiskers, nothing can replace traditional wet shaves as the best method of producing cleanly shaven faces. Philosophy Men Shave products help you to glide your shaving tool gently and closely beneath your beard for that closely shaven look that men desire. Created to soothe irritation and redness, Philosophy Men Shave products are gentle, so they are perfect for all skin types from sensitive to normal to rough.


• Natural oils to soothe and moisturize
• Soothes and calms skin while shaving
• Contains topical anesthetic for a slight numbing sensation
• Acts as a skin freshener
• Vitamin e acetate for antioxidant and emollient properties

Safety Warning:

The common man is a special shaving cream designed especially for the common man with uncommonly sensitive skin. This cream causes a slight numbing sensation to the skin to make shaving more tolerable.

Made in USA
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