50% Less Salt Shoestring Potatoes 3 Pack (255g per pack)

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Volume: 225 grams
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Pik-Nik selects only the best, fresh potatoes. Then we slice them a little thicker and a little longer than ordinary potato sticks. We quickly fry our shoestring potatoes in 100% pure vegetable oil and pack them in our stay fresh reclosable canisters. This ensures a crisp, crunchy texture and a superb fresh fried potato taste.


• Made from fresh potatoes
• Convenient Stay fresh resealable canister with plastic lids
• Original (salted, unseasoned) Shoestring Potatoes
• 50% Less Salt Shoestring Potatoes
• Fabulous Fries
• Ketchup Fries
• Cheddar Cheese Shoestrings
• HOT! Shoestrings

Product of USA
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