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Pop Weaver

Extra Butter 2 Pack (191g per pack)

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Delight your senses with the flavorful taste and delightful aroma of Pop Weaver Extra Butter Microwave Popcorn (24-count). A tasty treat, it comes out of the microwave warm and fluffy. This microwave popcorn is made with fresh, natural ingredients, including canola oil and an extra splash of butter for some savory goodness. Packed with whole grain, Pop Weaver Extra Butter Popcorn is nutritious, filling and tasty. This microwave popcorn is also cholesterol-, gluten- and sugar-free. It contains 0g of trans fat and is kosher friendly. It's excellent not just for family occasions, but for casual snacking, for parties and for much more. Make movie nights even more fun with this Pop Weaver Extra Butter Microwave Popcorn (24-Count). Dig into a mouthful of delicious flavor.


Made with canola oil
Cholesterol-, gluten- and sugar-free
100% whole grain popcorn, designed to keep you fuller for longer
3.65 lb box of Pop Weaver Popcorn comes with 24 microwavable bags
0g trans fat
Excellent for movie nights, game days, children's parties and other at-home occasions

Safety Warning:

Contains milk ingredients.

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