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Easy Smooth Callus Shaver With Catcher

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Revlon Easy Smooth Callus Shaver with Catcher gently and precisely removes tough calluses for soft, smooth feet. Stainless steel, precision micro-files and an ergonomic design ensures comfort and accuracy.


• Ergonomic design for comfort and accuracy
• Safe and easy to use
• Built-in catcher to trap shavings

Safety Warning:

Intended for use on callused feet only. Injury may occur if used on smooth, uncallused skin or other body parts. Do not use on irritated, inflamed or infected skin or on open wounds as this may result in cut or irritation. Micro-files are sharp. Use caution to avoid injury. Do not use if diabetic or have poor blood circulation. Do not use if metal becomes rusted, bent or damaged as injury may occur. Consult a physician before use if any skin condition exists. Seek medical attention if skim becomes severely irritated or bleeds. As a person care product, Easy Smooth Callus Shaver is not recommended to be shared or used by more than one person. Do not use on children. Keep out of reach of children.

Made in USA
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