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Full Jaw Cuticle Clipper

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Easily trim cuticles with the Full Jaw Cuticle Nipper. Precision-crafted blades trim excess cuticles and hangnails cleanly and safely, while the full jaw covers a large surface area. Designed with a spring for a clean cut every time without pulling or tugging.

More Details:

The next time you prepare your hands and nails for an at-home manicure, use the Full Jaw Revlon Cuticle Nipper to make your cuticles beautiful. This stainless steel tool trims hangnails and excess cuticles for a clean and smooth look. Use the stainless steel nipper to trim your cuticles safely and easily with the precision crafted blades.


• Precision-crafted blades trim excess cuticles and hang nails safely
• Full jaw covers a larger cuticle area
• Spring-action for a clean cut every time, no pulling or tugging
• Non-slip grip for accuracy and control in either hand
• Trims cuticles safely and easily
• For a well-manicured look
• Stainless steel trim cuticle nipper
• Covers a large cuticle area

Safety Warning:

This high-quality nipper was designed specifically for use on cuticles. Do not use to cut/clip finger or toe nails. Misuse may result in damage/breakage.

Made in USA
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