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H. P. Bulmer

Strongbow British Dry Apple Cider 2 Pack (330ml per Bottle)

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A distinctive sparkling apple cider with a pale blonde colour and a balanced, dry finish. Review of Strongbow British Dry, apparently the original recipe. A cider buddy brought this back from Canada and shared a can with me. Since early 2014 however Strongbow has only had a new sweeter version (Gold Apple) available here in the U.S.

More Details:

Cider Description: A perfectly balanced English apple cider that is light in body, crisp and bittersweet.

Cidery Description: From the orchard to the glass, we are inspired by the power of nature to deliver the golden, crisp refreshment in every drop of Strongbow Hard Apple Cider. And like our namesake, Richard “Strongbow” de Clare, who was legendary for his skill with the bow and arrow, we're setting our sights and making our mark. Our cider's crisp, refreshing taste sets the tone for the rest of the night. We're the go-getters. The makers and doers. To us, every hour is golden.

After the ripest apples are harvested, they arrive at the mill where they're washed and crushed. This pulp is pressed to extract pure juice, which is then concentrated and stored (with the apples' natural sugars acting as a preservative). The concentrated apple juice is then fermented and left to mature, allowing smoother flavors to develop.


Moderate tartness.
Moderate to high acidity.
No detectable bitterness, sourness, or funk.
No to low tannins.
Light bodied.
Quick finish.

Product of England
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