Liquid Stain Remover 2 Pack (900ml per pack)

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Volume: 900 ml
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You're probably wondering how to remove stains from items of clothing and restore them back to normal? Vanish Liquid can help by removing all types of stains, from the ones you can clearly see, including tough stains, to the smaller stains that might be missed before a wash. Vanish Liquid is safe to use on both coloured and white clothes. Add this stain removal liquid to all your washes!


Vanish Liquid, and expert stain remover with active oxygen..
It gently penetrates the fabric and lifts out the stains without any damage to colours and fabric..
Keeps your fabric always new..
Gently cleans and softens Winter wear, Chiffon, Silks and delicate clothes..

Safety Warning:

Keep out of reach of children. Eye irritant, in cased of eye contact flush out with water. If swallowed, drink plenty of water. Call a physician.

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