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Therapeutic Relief Skin Protectant Shampoo & Bodywash

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California Baby Therapeutic Relief Skin Protectant Shampoo & Bodywash is your partner in combating dry, chapped and cracked skin. Working to soothe, soften, seal in moisture, restore and protect the natural skin barrier with a unique blend of plant extracts, like certified organically grown and processed calendula, soap bark and aloe vera, along with an ultra-soothing therapeutic FDA approved skin protectant active ingredient called Allantoin USP (USP stands for United States Pharmacopeia signifying pharmaceutical purity).

More Details:

California Baby Therapeutic Relief Skin Protectant Shampoo & Bodywash is free of sulfates, fragrance, dyes and alcohol. This gentle 2-in-1 combo works beautifully to cleanse while protecting, relieving, and softening dry, chapped, and cracked skin. California Baby's low-foaming cleansers are the perfect treatment for hair, face and body. Cleanses gently without drawing away much needed moisture or stripping away natural oils. Soothes scalp while leaving hair shiny and manageable. No gluten, soy, oat or dairy.


• Allergy tested
• No gluten, soy, oat or dairy
• No synthetic fragrances
• Contains certified organic and sustainably grown ingredients
• Vegan. No animal ingredients; not tested on animals
• Made in a solar powered, state-of-the art, eco-friendly FDA registered and organic certified manufacturing facility
• Our aromatherapy essential oils are tested for purity
• California Baby products are free from peanuts and tree nuts such as walnuts, cashews, almonds and pecans
• We utilize coconut derived ingredients, which are not typically restricted by those with nut allergies

Made in USA
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