GLYTONE by Ducray ANASTIM Hair Loss Lotion Concentrate

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To strengthen occasional thinning hair and reactivate growth, ANASTIM Hair Loss Lotion Concentrate provides all the essential components needed to promote hair well-being. Seasonal and hormonal changes, physical and psychological stress, and poor diet can all trigger occasional excessive hair loss. Once hair loss exceeds 100 hairs per day, it becomes a cause for concern. This type of hair loss may be temporary, but it is preferable to take rapid action.

More Details:

ANASTIM Hair Loss Lotion Concentrate contains Neoruscin to improve nutrient transportation to the hair bulb, Biotin to help stimulate the production of keratin, and a proprietary stimulant complex containing GP4G and Tocopheryl Nicotinate to revitalize hair. This unique combination of ingredients nourishes the scalp, provides the hair follicle nutrients for fuller looking hair, and adds new strength, body, shine and volume to existing locks.

Each box contains a 2-month treatment.


• Tocopherol Nicotinate + GP4G - Works together as stimulant complex
• Neoruscine (ruscus) - Promotes nutritional exchanges in the hair bulb
• Biotin - Nourishes the hair bulb

Made in USA
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