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Low Fat Instant 3-in-1 Coffee Mix 4 Pack (540g per Pack)

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A full bodied and fragrant beverage blended in precise proportion of instant coffee, made from carefully selected coffee beans, creamer and sugar to ensure a perfect balance of cosmopolitan taste and tantalising aroma. Enjoy the simple pleasure of good cup of coffee.

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Did you know that?

Just the smell of coffee alone can make you feel more awake.

It is a myth that coffee is diuretic and causes dehydration.

About 30% of people feel the need to poop after drinking coffee - an effect which reduces with habitual consumption.

Coffee is most effective when drunk between 930-1130am.

Instant coffee dissolves better and tastes better if you try mixing 1 tablespoon of cold water with your coffee first before pouring in the hot water.

Product of Singapore
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