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Mirin 3 Pack (400ml per pack)

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Give your Japanese cooking an authentic flavour boost with this bottle of pure, traditional mirin rice wine. An essential ingredient in teriyaki, yakitori, and other well-known Japanese dishes, the superior quality of this mirin comes from the sweet and umami flavours that are derived completely from the rice mixture used to make it. Taste the difference purity makes!

More Details:

Mirin is an essential ingredient in a lot of well-loved Japanese dishes, teriyaki and sukiyaki being the most well-known among them. Mirin is the ingredient that gives teriyaki sauce and other Japanese sauces their unique sweetness, as well as their trademark glazed appearance. Mirin & Cooking Sake section for our full range of mirin and mirin-style seasoning.


Amazing taste and used in Michelin stared restaurants.
This is true japanese made mirin.
Mirin is a japanese sweet sake.
Mirin is a cooking wine and is used, as a ingredient for Cooking and marinade.

Product of Japan
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