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Refill Artist Shadow Matte Finish

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SKU: KY010691
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  • M-100 Black
  • M-928 Eggplant
  • M-110 Cement
  • M-240 Prussian Blue
  • M-322 Khaki
  • M-408 Mustard
  • M-500 Ivory
  • M-510 Vanilla
  • M-518 Nude
  • M-530 Eggshell
  • M-532 Sugar Coated Candy
  • M-534 Oat
  • M-536 Milk Tea
  • M-546 Gray Beige
  • M-548 Pink Gray
  • M-558 Dark Taupe
  • M-600 Pink Brown
  • M-608 Red Brown
  • M-618 Espresso
  • M-620 Gray Brown
  • M-626 Neutral Brown
  • M-630 Sweet Chestnut
  • M-636 Cappuccino
  • M-650 Cookie
  • M-656 Chestnut
  • M-664 Fawn
  • M-704 Canyon
  • M-720 Apricot
  • M-726 Sienna
  • M-738 Auburn
  • M-806 Antique Pink
  • M-810 Flesh-colored Pink
  • M-816 Rosewood
  • M-820 Dark Purple Pink
  • M-822 Plum
  • M-842 Wine
  • M-844 Burgundy
  • M-846 Morello Cherry
  • M-856 Fresh Pink
  • M-860 Powdery Pink
  • M-870 Yogurt
  • M-660 Speculoos
  • M-540 Gray Beige
  • M-646 Latte
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Artist Shadow boasts both superior color pay-off of a professional eye shadow and high blendability. Its soft texture glides on smoothly on the lid. Artist Shadow is declined in 5 finishes: matte, satiny, iridescent, metallic and diamond. Available in a wide range of shades, all made-to-measure, Artist Shadow reveals the artist in everyone. Choose a palette and create your own harmony.

More Details:

You can use several shade tons at a time, just remember that the color must intensify from the inside of the envelope to the outer edge. The color of the shade should be chosen according to the situation (it is better to give preference to pastel colors during the day, and more vivid colors can be used in the evening)


• Dark, muted colors - brown, olive (light green), plum (dark purple) create a sophisticated look. Such colors are suitable for dark-skinned.
• Pastel colors - blue, green, peach - create a delicate image and are suitable for blues, blueberries.
• Pale, pearl white - highlights and helps to visually enlarge the eyes.
• Gentle colors - gray, sand and sage - create a natural impression.
• Bright colors - blue, green, yellow, purple - suitable for experimenting. They should be used carefully and create appropriate transitions.

Safety Warning:

For external use only. Discontinue use if signs of irritation or rash appear. Keep out of reach of children.

Made in USA
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